Charles RUFINO Violin Maker




Violin Photo By Rick Young Photography Inc., NYC

Violin 1999

I have been a violin maker since 1974. For years I studied great instruments of antiquity while working as a restorer in fine shops. Today I bring that knowledge to my own creations as I concentrate exclusively on making new instruments.

My violins are played by professional musicians in New York and abroad in live concerts, recordings, film scores, and radio and television broadcasts. For example, they were recently featured on the Original Broadway Cast Recordings of The Producers, Aida, Tommy, and Jeckyll and Hyde.

My original instrument designs are inspired by Guarneri Del Gesu, and have the warm, full-throated voice of his best work. Their lively sound, even throughout the range of the instrument, is flexible, rich and complex, with a wide-spectrum palette of tone color. You will find responsiveness, clarity, and focus at your disposal, whether at ppp or FFF. Along with their sweet smoothness, my instruments have the power and projection appropriate for a range of musical needs, and are being played in chamber, orchestral, and solo settings. While no one instrument can do all things perfectly for all players, if you tell me your needs I can create one that will match your specific situation.

Players fall in love with my instruments for their elegant sound and also their playability. The seamless comfort of my setup and neck work will give you unparalleled security and freedom in performance. They are an excellent choice as a primary instrument or as a companion to give your antique instrument a rest.

Did I mention that they are also beautiful to look at? I search the world for the finest raw materials to create my instruments and varnish them with an oil varnish I make myself to achieve maximum tonal and visual beauty. The result is a one-of-a-kind work of art, handmade with love, to be cherished for lifetimes.

Now that you have an idea of my work, I hope you will visit me and hold one in your hands. If a picture is worth a thousand words, playing one will be worth a thousand pictures.

If you would like to arrange to play one of my violins, or have any questions, please e-mail me at or call me at 212-581-6226.

Yours Faithfully,

Charles Rufino